We are a multidisciplinary team of experts seeking to understand how to support people to create a smoke-free home.

SHINE is an international network of researchers, policy and practice professionals working to reduce exposure to second-hand smoke in the home.

The University of Stirling is  leading a new network of researchers, third sector groups and policy partners with a view to informing the development of future interventions and support mechanisms to help reduce smoking in the home.

Given the widespread awareness of the health risks of smoking and second-hand smoke, particularly to pregnant women, babies and children, we want to understand how best to support smokers to create a smoke-free home.

Initial funding for the SHINE network was awarded to Dr Rachel O’Donnell and Dr Kate Frazer, by the Economic and Social Research Council, and the Irish Research Council, from March 2021-February 2022. 

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Webinar 4 was held on 3rd November 2021, focusing on ‘Tailoring approaches to reduce smoking and support smoke-free homes.’